El Rastro is the biggest flea market in Europe

This famous flea market dates from the Middle Ages and fortunately has been preserved by “madrileños” until today.


Thousands of locals and curious tourists come every Sunday morning looking for antiques, paintings, old comics, or whatever you can imagine.

“El Rastro”, the biggest flea market in Europe, extends around Plaza del Cascorro and La Latina district. The most crowded parts of the market are located around Ribera de Curtidores and Embajadores Streets where are concentrated the largest number of stalls.

However, we recommend visiting the side streets where you can find real bargains and unexpected treasures.

Do not forget to bring cash. Generally most stalls do not have cardreading equipment. By the way, feel free to haggle over the price!  Pay attention to your belongings! Unfortunately due to the large influx of tourists and locals this place is frequented by pickpockets who try to fleece unsuspecting tourists.