Faunia in Madrid is a huge nature park

This huge nature theme park covers 140 hectares and is organized in different areas which recreate the animal’s natural habitat: the Amazon jungle, the Mediterranean forest, the Poles and the African jungle.

Faunia Nature Park

Visitors can explore the Flamingo Lake or the area called Silent Shadows where they will find nocturnal animal species. Other activities offered at Faunia Nature Park include interactions with pelicans and sea lions, feeding farm animals or themed films.  The whole park is dotted with small food kiosks and two nice restaurants: El Roble Burger and El Olivo Restaurant.

El Roble Burger Restaurant

El Olivo Restaurant.

Parking is not included in the price (5€). If you come with kids, don´t forget to rent a buggy (Baby Car 10€).

This park is not only designed for tourists. Faunia also has a clear pedagogical vocation and promotes scientific research. In fact, the park collaborates with Universities and Scientific Associations round the year.