Where to stay in Gara de Nord – Bucharest

Hotel star ratings give a fair indication of standards, but in many cases the prices are absurdly high.

Andy: Next to the station, this is the most expensive hotel in the area; it’s not exactly brimming with character, but its large, comfortable and neatly decorated rooms give it the edge over anything else hereabouts.(Andy: Str. Witing 2 Tel 021/300 3050, Eandyhotels @clicknet.ro. )

Cameliei: Tucked away behind the market, this good little budget hotel offers decent rooms, though they are somewhat conservative and careworn. Breakfast is extra (Cameliei Str. Cameliei 37 Tel 021/318 3726, Fax 318 3730.)

Cerna: Directly opposite the Andy, this is far from the friendliest place in town, but its rooms (with and without bathrooms) are respectable enough and it’s reasonably cheap. (Cerna: B-dul. D. Golescu 29 Tel 021/311 0535, Fax: 311 0721. )

Elizeu: A bright and pleasant hotel, featuring spotless, mint green-coloured rooms with comfy leather sofas and a/c. Located just off B-dul. Golescu, midway between Gara de Nord and Gara Basarab (Elizeu: Str. Elizeu 11–13 Tel: 021/319 1735, www .hotelelizeu.ro. )

Ibis: Injecting a dash of colour into this otherwise grim area, this is much like any other Ibis in the world: neat, clean and functional rooms with standard TV, mini-bar and a/c. (Ibis: Calea Grivitei 143 Tel021/300 9100, www .ibishotel.com. )

Marna: One of the better options in this area, both for price and cleanliness. Singles and doubles, with and without bathrooms, at a range of prices, but with trams rattling by, it’s fairly noisy. (Marna: Str. Buzeşti 3 Tel 021/310 7074, www .hotelmarna.ro. )